69-71 Belmore Rd North, Punchbowl NSW 2196

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Mon-Fri: 9AM โ€“ 6PM | Sat-Sun: 8AM โ€“ 6PM

Mon-Fri: 9AM โ€“ 6PM | Sat-Sun: 8AM โ€“ 6PM

About Us

With over 237 reviews on Google alone, we have delivered 5-Star customer service to all the vehicles that come into our shop, no matter if it was a Mclaren or a Toyota. We aim to give you and your vehicle the best experience when you come through to our shop with our variety of services, which including under body washes and door jam detailing. When you’re waiting for your car to get finished, come eat at our cafe! From Pizzas to Kaak to Chillers, we have something for everyone! Or you can order on Uber Eats and get The Spot experience at home.

Ceramic Coating

Contact us today to make sure your car is Gtechniq coated & protected! We offer both Gtechniqs Crystal Serum Light & Ultra to match your budget and needs. The Crystal Serum creates a truly durable sacrificial layer, aswell as scratch resistance water and oil repellency, imperiousness to extremes of pH along with protection from industrial and environmental fallout.

How It Works

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Make sure you don’t miss out on the Spot Experience with some of the best prices in Sydney. From our Car Care services to The Spot Detailing, we have a service for any vehicle.