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Rim Repair

You don’t have to own a Donk car to care about your rims! Your rims deserve the same attention as much as the car itself! Make sure your rims look fresh and new like you just got it from the showroom with our Rim Repair services. We can help remove all the small dents caused by stones and polish it back to new.

No More Gutter Rash

Even if your rims have gutter rash & dents, we can make sure that it will look brand new. We will inspect your rims and make sure that there are no defects, and repair damage where safe. We can make your rims look completely OEM or add a different finish of your choice.


Make sure you don’t miss out on the Spot Experience with some of the best prices in Sydney. From our Car Care services to The Spot Detailing, we have a service for any vehicle.