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The Spot Detailing

Ultimate Spot Interior Detail

Ultimate Spot Full Detail

Leather & Paint Protection

Paint Rejuvenation

Ultimate Spot Interior Detail

While your vehicle deserves a luxurious treatment, you deserve a luxurious experience when you get behind its wheel. The Ultimate Spot Interior Detail will make sure your car gets the full treatment so it looks, feels & smells like it’s brand new.

Our Exterior Service Includes:

Interior Vacuum & Full Interior Shampoo & Steam Clean + Vents + Fragrance

Ultimate Spot Full Detail

Whether it’s your daily driver or your weekend show car, if you genuinely love your car as much as we love working on them, this is the service for you! Get the full The Spot experience. We will make your car look like the day it rolled out of the factory floor.

Our Exterior + Iinterior Service Includes:

Hand Exterior Wash & Interior Vacuum + Clay Bar + Hand Polish + Full Interior Shampoo & Steam Clean + Fragrance + Door Jam


This service gives all paintwork a diamond – hard shine and offers protection from the most harmful elements, including Ultra Violet Rays, Oxidation & Bird Droppings.


Highly skilled techniques in paint correction to restore your car to a showroom finish. Your car will look like you’ve just purchased it from the showroom.

Ceramic Coating

Contact us today to make sure your car is Gtechniq coated & protected! We offer both Gtechniqs Crystal Serum Light & Ultra to match your budget and needs. The Crystal Serum creates a truly durable sacrificial layer, aswell as scratch resistance water and oil repellency, imperiousness to extremes of pH along with protection from industrial and environmental fallout.